Available for Adoption
  • Breed: Blue Heeler/Bali Dog Mix
  • Age: 9 years
  • Gender: Female
  • Size: Small/Medium
  • Fully vaccinated
  • Spayed
  • Tick & flea treated
  • On Glucosamine tablets & Moringa for holistic maintenance


  • Needs just a little time to trust you
  • Likes to play with her favorite people
  • Vocalizes her annoyance at other dogs


  • Her chosen humans unconditionally
  • Hanging with her people


  • People pushing themselves onto her
  • Other dogs misbehaving


  • Suitable for a family with no kids who enjoys occasional walks on the beach through the week.


Sachi was pulled from being euthanized as she was deemed aggressive.  In Bali, there aren’t many rescuers who can deal with aggressive street dogs however Alison has the patience, time & understanding they need to get them across the threshold to be as a loved pet.

For over a month, Alison would visit the clinic everyday to spend time with Sachi.  She knew while Sachi needed to be won over quickly, was always going to be on Sachi’s terms & nobody else’s.

When Sachi was cleared to leave the clinic, Alison boarded her into a place where she knew the care takers there would work with her & Alison could visit her every week as well. Alison had already won Sachi over before she left the clinic. She will never forget the process & the feeling when the two of them bonded.  Alison was the only person Sachi trusted in the whole world & Alison knew, she needed more than that to be able to live at our senior safe house.

So everyday, the caretakers from the senior safe house would visit Sachi & spend time with her as well.  The entire process took 3 months & Sachi no lives happily, retired from a hard life on the streets where she had been brutally beaten as well as shot 3 times.

She now has people to love & care for her & who she trusts without any hesitation.  If Sachi where to meet new people, she would not be aggressive as what she was the first time but she would be hesitant.  What took 4 plus months previously would only take a few days now.

Sachi is super deserving of a loving home.  She is a one of a kind dog on the entire island of Bali.