Available for Adoption
  • Breed: Bali Dog X
  • Age: 1 year
  • Gender: Female
  • Size: Medium
  • Fully Vaccinated
  • Spayed
  • Double hind leg amputee
  • Requires wheelchair
  • Can toilet by herself but requires pampers
  • Requires wheelchair


  • Super intelligent
  • Can start of quiet & shy at first
  • Cute & lovable
  • Friendly towards other dogs
  • Non confronational


  • Playing with toys, humans & selective with other dogs
  • Running & tumbling in her wheelchair


  • Fast approach & high energy


Maru would suit a family who has a small garden & lots of ceramic flooring. She would suit a quiet & medium active family who’s able to take care of cleaning her up & placing pampers on her.


Maru was brought to Alison’s attention via a friend who sighted the poor little girl dragging herself on the hot cement road.

Maru had been involved in two road accidents where both times, she was left untreated by her family & left to her own devices.  She managed to survive the first accident however, the second one left her completely paralyzed.  Everyday her family saw her dragging herself on the cement road & offered no comfort, resulting in horrific drag wounds on both her back legs to the point there was severe bone exposure which then led to bone infection. The state of Maru’s legs will forever be burned into Alison’s memory & how Maru survived for as long as she did is an absolute miracle.

Alison knew the only way to save Maru was to amputate both her legs & since then, Maru has found herself happily living her next best life as a double amputee. Alison had absolutely no intention of returning Maru back to her family no matter how much they stated they loved & cared for her.

Maru has a place at WenAven either for the rest of her life or until she finds her furever home.