BRDS’s Safe Houses for Dogs

April 2017, Bali Rescue Dog Squad opened the first safe house for dogs. In reality, Alison (the founder) already had her private safe house to which she lives in & now takes care of up to 20 dogs at any given time. This private safe house is where all dogs are prepped for their final stages before adoption.

The second safe house opened & is annually sponsored with the help of Barry Samms. Alison decided to name the safe house “Barry Samms’ Safe House for Dogs” in honour of Barry.

Today, 20 rescue dogs live comfortably & safely within the four walls of this safe house & are taken care of & protected from any dangers. This safe house can be viewed by appointment only & is not openly advertised.

BSSHD provides a safe haven for rescue dogs who are treated holistically, rehabilitated, trained & made ready for adoption.

March 2019, 2 new safe houses will be born.  One house has been opened as a foster home with a wonderful volunteer.  This house will be the home to a minimum of 5 foster dogs at any given time where they will learn to live in normal home surroundings to help them adjust & socialise, enhancing their chances of adoption.

Stay tuned for an update on the 4th safe house!

A Patreon monthly donation page has been set up in the hopes that one day soon, the safe houses can run smoothly on their own with the help & kindness of compassionate people who wish to support this great cause.