Available for Adoption
  • Breed: Bali Dog Mix
  • Age: 12 years
  • Gender: Female
  • Size: Large
  • Fully vaccinated
  • Spayed
  • Tick & flea treated
  • On Glucosamine tablets & Moringa for holistic maintenance
  • Permanently on eye drops for dry eyes


  • Very cautious & hasn’t really embraced her blindness
  • Can maneuver around quite well but still very cautious with where she walks most likely because the other dogs are reactive if she bumps into them
  • Reacts to other dogs if she bumps into them to defend herself (no biting, just very vocal)


  • Following her caretakers around


  • Dogs reacting to her if she bumps into them


  • Suitable for a retired family with no kids. She’s absolutely low maintenance although blind. Doesn’t join the walks or go to the beach because she hasn’t adapted to her blindness overly well.


Amisia was found in a drainage system by the roadside & couldn’t get herself out of it – thankfully because she’s blind & would have surely met an unpleasant experience on the road.

She went to the clinic & actually wasn’t in overly bad condition but it appears that perhaps she was abandoned in the ditch because her owners just couldn’t look after her anymore.

Amisia transitioned into our senior safe house without any issues.  

She’s actually a very gentle & calm girl who loves relaxing with her caretakers & would ideally suit a retired family with no kids who likes to potter around the house.  A house with no pool is also ideal for this darling girl.