Animal Welfare Programs

On Saturday 17th December we successfully sterilized 23 animals (cats/dogs), complete & rabies vaccinated 20 animals, treated 22 sick animals & educated over 100 people in the community.

Due to the sensitivity & protection of the dogs, we don’t give locations of our animal welfare programs for the time being however, our goal is to concentrate on an area until our organization along with the Head of the Area is as close to successfully saturing one area to ensure a successful outcome due to the density of abandoned stray dogs.

We build relationships & work closely with people in the community because Alison strongly believes this is where the change will happen.

It’s our mission to also control the outbreak of viruses such as Distemper & Parvo which are highest on the list for cause of deaths for dogs in Bali on a daily basis as well as, control the outbreak of rabies.  It’s also our mission to ensure the community understands the total package of animal welfare (how to care for their pets) & to treat as many as possible during each program so the community begins to understand there are other alternatives apart from dumping their pets due to illnesses or unwanted pregnancies.

Alison promises to never lose focus on her vision & mission.

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